Yoga Teacher — Fanny

Yoga Teacher Fanny

在Ashtanga Yoga體會99%Practice~1%Theory理論
在Iyengar Yoga找到沉穩紮實的力量
在Universal Yoga 感受體式精髓奧妙
在Aerial Yoga讓我優雅展現力與美
在Barre 讓我熱力四射、活力充沛
在Wheel Yoga讓我創造身體内在安定動能
在Gokul Yoga讓我保持覺知和自我紀律
在Soham Ayur Yoga讓我學習完整傳統印度瑜珈教學
在瑜珈學習的旅程上,感念我的老師們Jusit Herold、David Swenson、Matthew Sweeney、Tanya Popovich、Stephen Thomas、Tedrah Smothers、Sir Soham、Jani Jaatinen 、Samana…..等;持續學習更多瑜珈元素,來分享給大家.
Fanny first came in contact with yoga was when my sister invited me to a introductory session. I was mesmerized by how the health benefits that followed.With professional training of various yoga schools many years. I
Fanny have become a professional yoga instructor and wish to share my passion with students. In my point of view, I believes that Yoga is a process of self-expression. No useless or fancy Asana or sweet words in my class. Without the sturdy traditional training courses, have no way to guide safety Asana to students. For me: Yoga is as a form of self-expression and development and it teaches people how to deal with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Learn 99% Practice ~ 1% Theory in Ashtanga Yoga
Found a steady power at Iyengar Yoga
Found physical essence in the Universal Yoga
Found grace and beauty in the Aerial Yoga
Barre style kept me energized and enthusiastic
Teaching at Wheel Yoga trained me to create energy
Gokul Yoga trained my self-awareness and self-discipline
Soham Ayur Yoga trained me in the most traditional indian yoga styles
I would like to acknowledge and give my thanks to my mentors:David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney, Tanya Popovich, Stephen Thomas, Tedrah
Smothers, Sir Soham .Jani Jaatinenani .Samana, …, etc .; continue to learn more about yoga and share it with everyone.

RYS 200hr
RYS 300hr
E-RYT 200hr
E-RYT 500hr
YACEP 認證老師
Gokul Yoga teacher training 150hr
Iyengar yoga 80hr Teacher Training
Unnata Aerial Yoga 70hr Teacher Training
Ashtanga yoga 80hr & 80hr Teacher Training
Dharma yoga wheel 40hr & 18 hr Teacher Training
Barre Amped Level 1 & Level 2
音療頌缽一階 & 二階


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