Our philosophy

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瑜珈旅程 | 室內空間一隅

Yoga Journey, a comfortable and eco-friendly studio

Yoga Journey is set to be the urban sanctuary for everyone. “Comfort” is our priority. In order to provide a green and detoxicated environment, we imported wood flooring from Belgium. Moreover, the installation was completed without using any chemicals. Practitioners can safely lie on the ground, inhaling deeply with no concern.

We are supportive of organic life style. Our shower gel and shampoo are organic products. Yoga Journey values your health and our environment highly.

Yoga Journey is constantly bearing our nature in mind. We also appreciate your cooperation in cherishing resources. You can assist us in various manners:

  • Do not waste water resource. Take a shower as fast as possible.
  • Do not take excessively. Use one towel if possible.
  • Bring your own reusable bags, water bottle and towel.
  • The earth is our one and only home. Being a commercial organization, Yoga Journey also cares about the earth and your health. But we cannot accomplish it alone. We need your support and recognization.