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Yoga Teacher Nicole




Because of my family, I’vd loved exercising and nature since I was young. At the age of 19, I started yoga which was simply an exercise for me. After a few classes, I found out that I never knew how to breathe properly. Through this experience, I slowly improved my breathing pattern and had my long-term trouble of the uneasiness in my chest solved.
Gradually, I came to realize that yoga was more than a physical training – it was actually an attitude of life and an approach to strengthen my mind. Therefore, I decided to take RYT200 in 2012 to embark my journey of yoga teaching .
I enjoy learning different schools and styles of yoga practice, for the diversity is able to sharpen my body awareness and to enhance the balance of the body, the mind and soul.
In my class, I focus on breathing and building core power, developing the mobility and the flexibility of the body in order to help students to explore their inner peace through the physical practice .

  • Basia Going RYT 200 Hours Teacher Training License
  • Megan RYT 200 Hours Teacher Training License
  • Pain Care Yoga 42 Hours Workshop By Neil Pearson
  • Adarsh Williams Workshop 2014/7/5~6
  • Yoga as Therapy 30 Hours By Doug Keller
  • Ayurved 35 Hours Workshop
  • Pranayama 50 Hours Workshop
  • Sri. O. P. Tiwari Pranayama & ASANA 50 Hours Workshop
  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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