Class guidelines

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瑜珈旅程 ‧ Yoga Journey  | 戶外空間一隅

Before Class

  1. No eating 2 hours before class.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes before class and sign-in with your Yoga Journey member card at front desk will give you amble time to prepare for the class.
  3. Pls. keep your shoes at closet or in locker with the plastic bag we provided.
  4. You are not allow to join the class once class begins and you are not allow to leave the class while class is still in progress.
  5. Pls. do not bring food, mobile into class. Mobile should be turned off or remained silent all time in studio.
  6. your feet before class.
  7. Pls. arrive classroom 10min. prior to the commencement of haning up the hammock in Aerial yoga courses.

Class Booking

  1. All classes can be booked two days in advance. You can make your reservation on line or by phone.
  2. 2 hours advance notice is required if you can not attend the class so we can release your booking to other waitlist students.
  3. 3 or more cumulative no shows and/ or late cancels within one month will result in revocation of your booking privilege for two weeks. Your can still in-person standby 30 minutes before the class.
  4. If class reservation is full, waitlist students might be admitted 10 minutes before the class.

Few words from Yoga Journey

  1. Pls. consult your physician before attending class.
  2. Pls. be aware you if have physical or mental illness which may affect the safety of other students. You should contact our staff immediately if any doubts.
  3. Pls. let your teacher know your health concerns before class.