Yogaraj C.P

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Yogaraj C.P.

Yogaraj. C. Poovendiran (fondly called as ‘yograj’) was initiated into Yoga at the age of 5 by his father. Yogaraj later went on to master the art of Yoga from Yoga Acharya A. Yesudas Antony of the world renowned International Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India. He also has completed a Diploma at Yoga and Natural Living Development Trust and a teacher training course at Divine Life Society (Sivananda, Chennai) and received the title “YogaRathna” (Jewel of Yoga).

Since 1988, Yogaraj has participated and won many Yoga competitions. Some of the most notable awards were the title of “Yogaraj” (King of Yoga) at the State Yoga competition in Tamilnadu, India and the “International Best Yoga Demonstrator” by the Government of Pondicherry. His best achievement was the “Longest Yoga Marathon” in the Guinness Book of World Records that lasted 28 hours with 1,019 different asanas. Books and DVDs of his Ashtanga and Rhythmic Yoga television programs for Star Media Group in China are being planned to be released soon.

Yogaraj has been teaching yoga since 1998 and is considered to be the “Teacher of Teachers” as many of his students is now working as yoga teachers in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. His Yoga classes are fun, creative and energetic. His positive attitude helps motivate students, build confidence and discover their inner potential.


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