I’ve been involved with yoga for 25 years. Like most people at the beginning, yoga was just a physical exercise but after such a long association yoga has become my very essence, more intuitive, less physical, and more spiritual.

Today too much attention is focused on the physical aspects of yoga. Many students start yoga with a goal of becoming healthier, losing weight or toning the body. These benefits will come, but the true essence of yoga is what happens to the mind, or more accurately the absence of mind.

Correct yoga practice can become a metaphor of our daily lives, sometimes difficult, sometimes elating. Through our breath, correct asana practice is more about calming our minds and knowing our true selves. Yoga can become your guide to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I hope you will allow me to be your guide on this wonderful journey.

  • Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science(瑜珈科學與自然療法認證)
  • Certificate of Translator in the first part of the Anusara Foundation Program with Jonas Westring
  • Certificate of Translator in the Ashtanga Yoga Training with David Swenson

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