In forward bend, we learn to surrender and listen to your own flow of life, accepting your flaws. When the negative emotion stuck in the joints get released, feel it and embrace it.

In backbend, our chests and shoulders are open, and the energy flows into our desperate heart. Then we can accept love and give love with ease. Our throat is open, too, so we can speak the truth and express our opinion confidently.

In standing poses, we absorb the energy from the earth, rooting ourselves to the ground. In balancing poses, we feel focused and peaceful. And then, we feel more energetic. We deal with people at work easily.

In twisting postures, we release the gas in our stomach. We listen to our inner organs and choose the beneficial food we really need.

In inverted postures, we breathe in the upside-down world. We are reminded of the fact that everyone has his or her own point of view. We learn to be open-minded.

Yoga allows us to experience the connection between our mind and body. It is full of freedom, peacefulness, love, and compassion.

I have practiced Ashtanga for many years. It is more than an exercise to me. It is a way of life. It enriches mind and soul. In these years of teaching, I always look back to reexamine and adjust my own way of practice.

I used to have an extremely tight body, and now I feel like a relaxed yogi. I understand how hard yoga can be for a tight body, so I always teach my students to relax to refrain from getting injuries. With the knowledge of aromatherapy and chiropractic, I know how to adjust my students appropriately and carefully.

I would love to share my yoga experience with all people.

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  • Center Yoga 與Neil Barker,Paul Dallaghan修習Intensive Teacher Training 500小時教師認證

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