Yoga Journey workshop - Shrivatsa Yoga – Matej Jurenka

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Shrivatsa Yoga – Matej Jurenka
2012/02/26 (sun) 18:00 – 20:00 at Yoga Journey

Session I: Surya & Chandra Namaskar – Shrivatsa Yoga
Salutations to the sun and moon in a very special sequence. Each salutation starts and ends with a corresponding mantra to activate the subtle vibrations of each element. These salutations have been specially designed as a part of Shrivatsa Yoga system to open the heart chakra and revitalize the body.

Session II : Cleansing the energetically channels – Shrivatsa Yoga Complex of exercises orientated on strengthening the neuro-muscular system and cleansing the energetically channels (nadis) with the subsequent harmonization of one’s aura. Techniques will include asanas, pranayama, kriya and mudra. Asanas will be taught in the vinyasa style.

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About Matej
Matej Jurenka is of western Slavic origin, born in Bratislava, Slovakia.
His first real contact with Yoga came at the age of 20, with the discovery of a book called “Light on Yoga” written by B.K.S. Iyengar. Since then, he has been practicing Yoga regularly and with much dedication, incorporating Yogic and Tantric techniques into his own daily sadhana routine.

Matej is presently one of the world’s most advanced practitioners of Vinyasa Yoga, conducting workshops, retreats and classes around the whole world. He has been teaching Yoga since 2001. Among the countries where he has taught are India, Spain, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Africa, Singapore, Slovakia, Cambodia and China.
He is also the founder of Shrivatsa Yoga – a unique method of realizing the full human potential.

Matej got his official teaching certificate from a Yoga school called Yoga India in Mysore, which is directed by a Yoga master Bharath Shetty. Mysore is one of the richest cities in India concerning Yoga traditions. Bharat’s school is a very reputable Yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance, which is an organization that registers Yoga schools and Yoga teachers from all over the world. Besides Iyengar, his main influence is Bihar school of Yoga.

Matej is deeply devoted to Mother Earth and her healing powers. He believes in ecological and environmental solutions, global peace and social justice. He connects to healing forces of the nature all over the world and follows vegetarian/frutarian diet. He is greatly inspired by the Hindu mythology system, with bhakti (devotion) being the central driving force for any spiritual accomplishment.

Besides Yoga, he dedicates his free time to the studies of shamanic healing. Matej is also a certified firewalking instructor.

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