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I have practiced yoga for nine years. In the beginning, I practiced yoga purely for health and fitness. After practicing consecutively for six months, my body and mood both improved dramatically. Every time when I finished my practice, I could feel joy emerging from the bottom of my heart. This wonderful feeling supported me to further explore its wisdom.

After my teacher training, I have found immense pleasure in teaching. Being a teacher is about sharing your concept and experience. And I am always learning to better my teaching. In every connection between breath and movement, your body feels free, your mind becomes peaceful. This is how wonderful this journey is.

I am glad I went into the classroom that day. Because of yoga, I set foot in this boundless world. Because of yoga, I have known so many friends who I feel connected with. Because of yoga, my life has become more meaningful. Because of yoga, I am passionate about learning. Because of yoga, life is full of possibilities.

  • 中華民國瑜珈協會師資認証
  • YOGAMIND 孕婦瑜珈師資認証
  • American Yoga Alliance RYT-200


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