Yoga teacher — Teddy

Yoga Teacher Teddy

20歲那年,瘋狂愛上舞蹈,開始和小朋友擠在把杆裡,上起芭蕾課。為了增加身體的柔軟度,偶然開始了瑜珈的練習。2011年完成瑜珈師資培訓,感謝Stephen Thomas的教導,讓生命中更添平靜與圓融。

At the age of 20, I fell in love with dance and began to squeeze into a pole with her children to start a ballet class. In order to increase the softness of the body, yoga practice started occasionally. Yoga teacher training was completed in 2011. Thanks to Stephen Thomas for his teaching, he added peace and harmony to my life.
Yoga practice led me to learn to surrender and let go. Surrender to things that cannot be changed, accept the obstacles encountered with a more tolerant heart; let go of attachment, and face everything with gratitude and softness.
Knowing yourself is the motto engraved in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, and the hardest thing to do. Nietzsche made a very good comment: “We inevitably remain unfamiliar with ourselves, we do not understand ourselves, we do not understand ourselves, and our eternal judgment is:" The farthest person from everyone is himself. “── For ourselves, we are not “knowers" … “But through the practice of yoga, I know more about when I am vulnerable and when I should move forward bravely.

  • 中華民國彼拉提斯運動協會 c級師資證書
  • R.Y.S. 200小時瑜伽師資證書 from Stephen Thomas
  • R.Y.S. 200小時瑜伽師資證書 from Adarsh
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training from Michelle Pietrzak-Wengner(陰瑜珈)
  • Lady NIguma Yoga Teacher Trianing from Karina Arenas(妮姑媽瑜珈)
  • The GYROKINESIS® Method Level 1(禪柔墊上運動)


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