Yoga teacher — Kamini

Yoga Teacher KAMINI

After graduating from university, Kamini卡蜜尼 has worked as a personal trainer at well-known Sports & Fitness Centers for years both in Taiwan and Shanghai, China. She gained much knowledge and valuable experiences from the industry.
During a 10-day Vipassana Meditation practice, she discovered this wonderful way of living in the moment by simply observing her own breathing, body posture and feelings. She realized this is what yoga really is about. She went on to be a yoga instructor bringing yoga and meditation together.
Over the years, Kamini卡蜜尼 has not only practiced asana diligently but also incorporated meditation and mindfulness into daily life. Through the experiences from teaching and sharing, she gradually lives her life just like the way she practices on the mat so that she could live fully and freely after all.
Kamini卡蜜尼 picked up Yoga Mantra singing again since 2017 as it has always been her passion. She has been working on creating her music in earnest and very recently, published her work.
•2019 8月 Mantra梵唱聽出好心情
•2020 5月 Mantra梵唱聽出好心情《愛的滋養》
Kamini Healing Music Album:
•2019 August
Healing Mantra For Bliss
《The Power Of Light》
•2020 May
Healing Mantra For Bliss
《Being In Love》
•500HR RYT(Yin Yang Vinyasa Advanced Teacher Training)
•200HR Yoga Alliance International(Pranayama,Meditation,Core Hatha Yoga Asana’s)
•SriMa School of Transformational Yoga
•Mindfulness Yoga Teacher
•Usui Reiki3 Advanced Professional Training
•The Akash Multivariate Meditation Teacher Training Course

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