直到接觸瑜珈練習,⾝體的痠痛緊繃才逐漸改善,發現試了各種偏⽅,原來⾃⼰最需要的是,認真正視⾃⼰使⽤⾝體的⽅式。從⼀個禮拜上⼀堂課,到 2009年開始幾乎⼀個禮拜四天以上的練習,瑜珈變成我忙碌⽣活裡的避風港。2012 年,順從⼼的直覺,參加了湯乃珍老師帶領的 Anusara Immersion 研習,接著同ㄧ年,也完成由乃珍、Kelly Hass & Rachel Tsai 以及 Steven Tomas 老師所帶領的 200⼩時瑜珈師資訓練。

早期跟隨乃珍老師的學習,Anusara 給我的養分,讓我重視⾝體順位這件事,即便是⼀堂流動的課程,都有它最舒適順暢的⾝體韻律。對我來說,瑜珈的練習在內裡,不在表⾯。⾝體所呈現的樣⼦,是⽣活中⾃我對待的縮影,它只是如實地反應⽽已。2012 年師資訓練結束後,遇⾒ Heidi Chen 老師。持續的跟隨老師練習⾄今,學習到以呼吸的引導與細膩的覺察,來看待⾃⼰⽇常的每⼀次瑜珈練習,看⾒使⽤⾝體以及思考模式的慣性,做明辨的、有覺知的瑜珈練習。

除了瑜珈的練習,旅⾏、衝浪、跑步,以及⼤量閱讀是我⽣命的養分來源。2013 年的⼀趟旅⾏,因緣際會的到紐約參加Jules Febre和Rima Rani Rabbath老師帶領的Jivamukti Immersion,打破了我的⼼靈疆界。明⽩體位法練習、梵唱、經典的學習,給出愛並對⼤地萬物保持謙卑,都是瑜珈練習。在印度的⾃助旅⾏,許多意想不到、遠在計畫之外的⼤⼩事⼀再地挑戰我的底線。⼀再的問我,如果對於未來,我們本來就無法真正的擁有任何所謂的計畫與掌握,那麼是否只有當下的時刻,是我們唯ㄧ所有的?


I’ve been working as a designer for over 10 years. Back then I had lived in a fast past style of life, constant answer phone calls, always in a hurry between clients and office. After years and years of caring overweight backpack with tools and computers, not eating well and working overnight, my back was hurting so much that I couldn’t sleep. I tried western medicine and orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Chinese Medicine, but none of them really works.
And until then I starting to practice yoga. After years of practice, my situation of back pain and tightness starting to improve. After all the medicine I tried and yoga practice, I come to realize what I really need was to discover my pain through both my physical body and mind as well. Starting from one class per week to more than four class per week. Yoga has become a place where I can rest my mind and seek for peacefulness.
Attending the Anusara Immersion study in 2012 with Naichin Tang, and also accomplished the Teacher training with Naichin Tang, Kelly Hass, Rachel Tsai and Steven Tomas at the same year.
The way of Anusara had gave me was how important it is when you practice with attention of body alignment and the flow of breath and sequence. The practice itself is not only the look from the outside, but most importantly the inner self with either emotion or intention which we aware of. Your body reflect who you are, and how you treat your body directly influence your practice as well.
Right after Teacher training in 2012, I’ve meet Heidi Chen. And before I know it, I had been practice with Heidi ever since. Heidi’s way of teaching led me to learn even deeper through out my practice. To practice and be aware of our each movement in every asana, details has been carefully think through, to be awareness and mindfulness to our own practice.
Besides yoga, I am also a traveller, a surfer, a marathon runner, a reader. My journey lead me from India to New York. Where I learn about Jivamukti through Jules Febre and Rima Rani Rabbath. The Jivamukti Immersion had opened my mind even further, and all comes together, the practice, the chanting, and the study of yoga sutra of Pantanjali. Be humble and at the same time loving the earth with care, all of these can be yoga. Yoga to me has no limitation in any form. So many knowledge to learn, and so many question I wonder, and the answer has again and again put me to think outside the box of our life which we created. Maybe we could never own or in control of anything in our life. But we could be aware of our present moment, the only precious moment is now, and the only moment we actually own, is now !
Hope we all could be some part of this journey of present. And share the journey through out our yoga practice in life. Namaste.

    2012 Anusara Immersion with Naichin Tang
    2012 200 hours teacher training with Naichin Tang
    2013 Iyengar Immersion with Peter Scott
    2013 Jivamukti Immersion with Jules Febre & Rima Rani Rabbath in New York
    2014 Ashtanga Immersion with Richard Freeman
    2015 Rocket Yoga 50 hours teacher training with Corey Wu
    2016 正念陰瑜珈 80 hours teacher training with Michelle Chu
    2017 200 hours teacher training with Heidi Chen

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