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一開始踏上瑜珈旅程,是在大學時代, 經歷了ASHTANGA和傳統印度HATHA YOGA的洗禮之後,因緣際會下去了印度,生命總是會在適當的時候給予我引導。

2009年,認識了我的印度瑜珈啓蒙老師SHRI SADASHIV NIMBALKAR之後,開始了我對瑜珈知識的更深層地探索與追隨,2009年到2011年開始一年的師資訓練,2009年到2011年,參與YOGA VIDYA NIKETAN MUMBAI舉辦的瑜珈療法師資班訓練,2年期間學習到不只是身心靈瑜珈,還有對現代人各種慢性病的療癒瑜珈,對於這一切我感到無限的感恩,體會到那 “滿足而沒有缺乏” 的狀態。
2013年開始艾楊格的研習及2014-2016追隨Peter Scott至今,2017-2018參與Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate Level I的師資訓練,2017年10月遠赴馬來西亞,已獲得艾楊格Introduction I/II 認証。


I started yoga during college. I had learned ashtanga, hatha yoga then I went to India for further yoga training. Life always guides me at the right time.

After meeting up with my Indian yoga enlightenment teacher SHRI SADASHIV NIMBALKAR in 2009, I started my deeper exploration of yoga knowledge. From 2009 to 2011, I started a year of teacher training. From 2009 to 2011, I participated in YOGA VIDYA NIKETAN MUMBAI. The yoga therapist training class was organized. During the two years, I learned not only physical and mental yoga, but also therapy yoga for various chronic diseases of modern people. I am infinitely grateful for all this, and realized that “satisfaction without shortage" status.

I started following Peter Scott from 2014-2016. And participated in teacher training for Iyengar. I had completed Yoga Junior Intermediate Level I training from 2017 to 2018. In October 2017, I was certified Iyengar Introduction level I / II.

My teaching style is stable and calm, respecting the difference of students, and giving different auxiliary teaching according to the level of students and physical conditions, and connecting with the present in the process of practice, so that yoga is the best vehicle to stay in the mind practice without interference and guide the students embark on a journey of inner awakening.

  • American Yoga Alliance RYT-200
  • Iyengar Certified Introductory LevelI/II

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