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The beginning of yoga practice came from my mother’s guidance.

After practicing yoga, I found that my body and spirit became better, and I gained a sense of peace and stability in the process, and then developed a strong interest in yoga.

I thought that yoga was just asana exercises, so I was very keen to go to class every day, and constantly challenged difficult asanas. As long as I did it, I would be very happy.

It was not until I received teacher training that I realized that yoga is not only asanas, it is also an attitude towards life, and a self-awareness practice integrated into life.

“Yogas citta vrtti nirodhah"

In the past, I would judge things according to my own preferences. If things were not as I wanted, I would feel angry and painful.

Now, I will explore the reasons behind emotions, accept the current emotions, and change the way things think.

“Sthira sukham asanam"

In the exercises on the mat, I will observe my breathing state and the body’s current reaction, without hurting my body, find the energy balance, and let me act 100%.
My teaching is to let students pay attention to their own physical feelings through self-observation, and be aware of every thought and emotion. Let students not be self-critical, accept the self they love now, make suitable exercises according to their own situation, find the comfortable and stable posture, and then improve and change themselves.
Hopefully, more people can get happiness and peace in the practice of yoga, and then be grateful for everything they have and live their lives with heart.


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