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Yoga Teacher Flora

在瑜珈的世界中,大致分為身、心、靈三大元素,我們透過探索身體,來療癒我們的心、靈;透過療癒心、靈,讓積存在身的傷痛可以釋放。走在瑜珈的道路 上,是幸運的,雖然人生不見得世事順心,但更加可以看到及珍惜我所擁有的,擁抱及包容自己不善巧的。願我能將體悟到的智慧與愛,分享給課堂中的每一位同 學。
Yoga make the life experience transforming continuously each year. However, there is only one thing that never change which is Yoga always be a lighthouse to guide a road. Let me unceasingly make great strides forward toward, and that path scenery was about the love.
The body, the heart and the spirit are three biggest elements of Yoga. We cured our heart and spirit by explore our body. Release the pain by cures spirit and the heart.
It is lucky when we walking on the path of Yoga. Yoga makes us contentment and inclusion our deficiency when the life affair is not satisfactory.
Hope I can share the wisdom and the love which from my experience.
1. 200HRS RYT with Stephen Thomas
2. E-RYT200 Certificate
3. 500HRS RYT (Yin Yang Vinyasa) with Janet Lau
4. Yoga Aerial yoga Certified Teacher with Jun Lee
5. Unnata Yoga Aerial with Tanya
6. 60HRS Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with Corey Wu
8. AFAA Pilates
9. Usui Reiki Level 2 with Akash
1. 55HRS Ashtanga Yoga Immersion with Chuck Miller
2. 4DAYS Moving From The Outside In with Maty Ezraty
3. 42HRS Immersion with Heidi Chen x David Tsai
4. 18HRS Iyengar Level 1 、Level2 、Pranayama with Peter Scott
5. 100HRS Iyengar Yoga with Dr. Abhay Keste
6. 5DAYS Iyengar Yoga with Marla Apt
7. 2DAYS Hatha Yoga with Basia Going
8. 7DAYS Pranayama with Sri O.P. Tiwari
9. 30HRS Yoga As Therapy Training with Doug Keller
10. 18 HRS Xin Yoga Basic Comprehensive Backbend with Cyarhine Chee
11. 24 HRS Xin Yoga Hip Open with Cyarhine Chee
12. Xin Yoga Idiopathic Scoliosis Conservative Treatment Basic with Cyarhine Chee
13. Fundamentals Of Myofascia LVL.1 with Celine Tsai
14. 基礎肌骨解剖學
15. 進階肌骨解剖學
16. SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) Level1 – Certification


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