yoga journey

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Why do I practice yoga?
The reason is always changing.
So is the purpose.
But my heart is always feeling more and more liberated.
I have practiced in Mysore style with T.J. Peng, who taught me asanas according to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Sthira Sukham Asanam. The posture should be steady and comfortable.
My first reaction was, –how can asanas be comfortable?
I used to practice with too much attachment, bearing with physical pains.
And then, I knew I had to believe, to observe everything, and to let go of the prejudice, stubbornness, and old habits.
Yoga is more than asana. Yoga is everywhere in life.
I had my RYT Hatha Yoga training with Master Sudhakar, Founder of Dheesan Yoga.
He shows me the wisdom of traditional yoga.
He helps me to let go and be more focused.
He leads me to question my practice, to better my practice, to respect my body and to practice with consciousness.
I’m always searching for my identity and belief, enjoying my life.
Yoga practice is a long journey.
I followed my own rhythm and found my passion about life.
I have more courage to face my life.
I feel honored to share my experience with everyone!

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