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Debbie多年來沉浸在瑜珈的領域中,多年的瑜珈 (包括Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Anusara and Iyengar及與世界知名老師學習) 學習經驗,Debbie體認到,最”棒”的瑜珈,就是讓你可以自省,體貼他人,把他人置於自己之前,了解如何能感覺平和地生活於現代社會,同時讓我們周遭的世界更加美好。實際上,任何人都能透過任何普及瑜珈的練習達到這個境界。

幾年前,Debbie曾在印度教聖地瓦拉那西跟隨Sunil Kumar修習兩年的traditional Hatha Yoga,她的教學方式是以輕鬆遊戲般的體位法基礎順位、呼吸、冥想和舒緩的組合。每堂課都以yoga nidra或Bihar School of Yoga的yogic sleep–深層的舒緩放鬆方式結束。她在美國、丹麥和台灣教授過瑜珈。Debbie 目前有應用外語的碩士學位,喜歡攝影,健行和在海灘散步。她邀請你一起來享受流動伸展呼吸放鬆的輕鬆一小時。

Debbie has been enjoying the benefits of yoga for many years. After years of exploring different styles including ; traditional Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Anusara and Iyengar and studyingwith some of the world’s most well known teachers she feels the “best” Yoga is the yoga that gives you insight into your own mind, that reminds you to be kinder, to put others before yourself, to dive in and try to understand how you can live in this modern world and still feel peaceful and at the same time make our world a better place. Actually, one can practice any of the popular styles of yoga and strive for this goal.

Some years ago, Debbie spent two years studying traditional Hatha Yoga in Varanasi, India with Sunil Kumar. Her teaching is a playful combination of alignment-based asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Each class ends with “yoga nidra” or yogic sleep a deep relaxation method from the Bihar School of Yoga. She has taught in the U.S., Denmark and Taiwan. Debbie has an MA in Applied Foreign Language and enjoys photography, hiking and walking on the beach. She invites you to come and enjoy a pressure free hour of moving, stretching, breathing and relaxing with her.

  • Yoga Light Center 200 hour
  • Yoga Training Center 500 hour
  • Laughing Lotus Children’s Yoga Certification

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