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Namaste Sally

I started physical training in junior high school. Back then, I was eager to be stronger and flexible but knew nothing about spirituality. And then, in 2003, I had my first yoga class in Shanghai. It completely changed me.

Before I knew yoga, I was a very competitive person. I desired to be number one both at school and at work. I told myself there was nothing I could not achieve. I would even blame myself for not being able to do some postures. I tried to reexamine myself and listen to the voice inside. Only then I realized how yoga had affected my body, awakening my healing and immune systems.

Yoga practice helps me to live at the moment, to find the balance between yin and yang, and to protect myself from getting injuries. When you breathe deeply in the postures, your mind becomes clear and quiet, and you are filled with the joy in the practice.

I always teach my students to focus on their breath, and to practice with awareness. Never rush into poses. Never compete with other practitioners. Never go beyond your limitation. Relax. Modify the postures but never sacrifice your breath. Activate your muscles to protect your joints.

Yoga is to unite and to love. It is about different aspects of life. It is about art and music. It is the grace of God. I would love to share this eternal joy with humble heart.

Namaste Sally

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