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Dr.N.Chandrasekaran M.B.B.S. 是國際上極富盛名的瑜珈療癒師之一。他同時也是一位西方醫學博士,國際級培訓師與作家。他在印度清奈 (Chennai) 的Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram ( 現代瑜珈之父-克里希那馬查 所創辦的瑜珈療法中心 – KYM ) 有超過10多年的瑜珈療法培訓授課經驗,於2010年他並創辦了Yoga Vaidya Śālā。

在擔任瑜珈療法培訓師的這段期間,他教授超過15,000名學生,廣泛探討各種與身體病症有關的議題,並指導學生針對不同的個案進行深度的研究與探討。Dr.NC 博士已執業醫療近30年,並於1990年獲得碩士榮譽,1991年他開始擔任瑜珈療法培訓師,並於2001年開始擔任於KYM瑜珈療法中心的理事長。

Dr.NC 博士融合了其在醫學與瑜珈療法的豐富經驗,提出一套有效的教學體系,其融合了東方傳統智慧與西方的醫療科學,幫助人們療癒及改善各種病症。他以其深厚的經驗培訓出許多知名的瑜珈療癒師,致力於倡導推廣瑜珈療法的教學體系。Dr.NC 博士並撰寫了一系列與瑜珈療法相關的經典書籍。

Yoga Journey 於2016年7月即將邀請到Dr.N.Chandrasekaran 至館內舉辦研習課程,相關資訊即將於近期推出,歡迎有興趣的學員可留意官網與FB最新訊息。

Dr.N.Chandrasekaran, M.B.B.S.is one of the world’s most experienced yoga therapist, a western medical doctor, international trainer and author. In 2010 he founded the Yoga Vaidya Śālā after more than a decade heading the Yoga Therapy Department at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai.

In that role he conducted consultations with more than 15,000 students, with a wide range of health problems, prescribing individual practices for each. Dr N.Chandrasekaran (Dr.N.C.) has been a practising allopathic medical physician for almost thirty years and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga in 1990. From 1991 he acted as a consultant-teacher, and from 2001 held the position of Director of Therapy at the KYM.

Dr NC’s experience in medicine and in the yogic healing process enables him to practice and to present an astonishingly effective blend of the western medical system with eastern traditional wisdom, helping people with a wide range of health problems.He has taught in numerous international teacher training and continuing education programs as well as training numerous senior yoga teachers in the specialised field of yoga therapy. DR NC has authored a series of books on the practice of Yoga Therapy that are are set to become a standard reference for serious practitioners in the area.

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